Giannis' slams. Luka's dimes. Kyrie's crossovers. Every night, an NBA star does something so amazing you need to watch the highlight on repeat. Now you can make those plays yours, all officially licensed by the NBA and minted on the blockchain in limited supply.

Score Rare Collectibles
Score Rare Collectibles

Score Rare Collectibles

Only a scarce number of Top Shot Moments are released, so building the best collection requires a scout’s eye and a superstar’s dedication. Become a top collector by snagging in-demand packs when they drop and refine your roster by finding diamond-in-the-rough Moments on the marketplace.

Limited Edition Sets

Limited Edition Sets

Every once in a while, we debut a coveted new Limited Edition Set. These ultra-rare Moments celebrate pivotal NBA events and enduring hoops themes like Top Shot rookie debuts, game-winning daggers, and unforgettable circus shots.

Limited Edition Sets

Statistically Significant

  • Collectible stats: every Top Shot has a unique edition number and size, verifying its rarity
  • Player stats: dive into a player's current numbers and learn their backstory through historical info
  • Game stats: get the full picture of your Top Shot with comprehensive stats from the game

Showcase your Moments

Put your prized collection on display in curated Showcases. There’s no better way to get other collectors jealous of your haul and to build hype around your collection. If you got it, flaunt it.

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NBA Top Shot Hardcourt

Coming soon: bring your Moments to the Hardcourt and use your collection to supercharge your team. Play against friends and other competitors and prove you're the GOAT.

Coming Soon

NBA Top Shot HardcourtNBA Top Shot HardcourtNBA Top Shot HardcourtNBA Top Shot Hardcourt

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